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About Us

What do we do?


Food is something we all must do every day, but it is also an adventure.  We look at every meal like a journey! We visit restaurants, markets and food special events to take an immersive look into awesome things that people are doing and share to guide the community.  It's an exploration to find, select, and experience unique and interesting foods, stable staples and even comfort food.  We are food and wine lovers that love the experience it gives us.  We love to also cook and talk about food and create experiments in the kitchen and with friends.  We love collaborating with chefs on unique ideas and ingredients.  We also love pairing wines and food down to the molecular level!  Join us on our journeys and find a place to take an adventure.  Feel free to share places or things that you'd like to see us eat because we will!

~Mike and Mandy

What's our inspiration?


We were bitten by the food bug day by day since the last Tuesday of March 2004 when we met.   We have slowly explored ingredients, cooking styles, liquors (and mixology), winemaking (and drinking) and pairing  from many countries and regions. We love everything from simple to molecular gastronomy.  We've been capturing our journeys for years and sharing a little... but thanks to many of you we decided to share more immersive views on multiple social channels for you to taste with your eyes!

Just in case you are wondering...


We tour the world looking for everything from street food to Bib Gourmand and Michelin food experiences. We love planning, exploring and executing food journeys. We would love to hear from you places we should visit or things you'd like to see us eat.

If we had to send to just one country to eat for the rest of your life it would be SPAIN!  It's the place where many culinary roots draw from and the wines are approachable for anyone and provide a journey towards beautiful and elegant wines with complexity.


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